CONTAI - Ground for the shared last mile

CONTAI Value Proposition:  AnyCargo - AnyVehicle -  AnySpot - AnyMile - AnyOperator-- even Autonomously

    Imagine a circular and sustainable urban logistics ecosystem, where logistics needs in your city are bound together by a simple, yet elegant platform, like the USB interface. CONTAI has not only imagined this but built such a universal urban logistics interface where everything fits together.


Urban logistics issues call for innovative solutions


Urban policy planning has faced rapidly growing challenges. In particular, the increasing migration of people to cities, increasing passenger and freight traffic, the growing lack of urban space, and increasing environmental problems. 

Close collaboration between the city, operators and other stakeholders is a necessity for sustainable business and logistics operating environment.

Extensive structural changes are needed


There is no single cargo space size, no single cargo weight nor single vehicle like ebike, van, drone, truck or robot that would cover a variety of transportation needs.


Today combining different art of cargo and optimizing two-way transports is not possible because current technology is based on isolated non-modular vehicles,  not on universal freight units i.e. scalable load carriers with stable geometrical and digital interfaces.

In addition to fixed city hubs, scalable and multi-purpose street-level spaces should be utilized to tackle fluctuating demand and to provide asynchronous and no-cost solutions for the exchange, storage and proximity of goods and services.

The unloading, temporary storage  and picking of freight units or low-step service booths on curbside, market squares, parks, lobbies and similar places is not possible without the implement of street-level cargo self-loading capability.

CONTAI addresses a system level Leap in autonomous Urban Logistics


The experimental era of urban logistics is now over and changes in the world situation are putting high pressures and at the same time a unique opportunity to harmonize experiments into common practices towards the Physical Internet.


Who are smart and vigilant to take a visionary Leap in city logistics to deliver exceptionally high quality customer-centric products and services that finally make cities' mobility policy and space use strategies visible?

The Urban Freight New Normal3


CONTAI is the first to introduce a new-era urban logistics system that enables even heavy loads to be unloaded and transported indoors without external lifting equipment and waiting times.

The CONTAI automatic electric loader can be attached to most last-mile vehicle bodies and autonomous robots.

Thanks to the universal interface, freight applications are interchangeable between current and future vehicles with different loads and driving capacities.

The automatic loader can also be integrated into autonomous mobile robots, allowing services to be developed to be fully autonomous and asynchronous increasing flexibility in the timing of goods collection and drop-off and mitigating citizen health risks.